WE LOVE THANDO! Thando was easily the best choice we made for our pregnancy and birth. Thando came to us upon recommendation from a friend and while we only met Thando once before the COVID-19 lockdown went into effect, that meeting was enough to put us at ease for the duration of our pregnancy. When she left our home, I immediately told my husband “I love her! We need to get her before someone else does!” Thando immediately puts you at ease and I cannot sing her praises enough. She is a legitimate expert in what she does and is equally well informed about new and evolving practices and issues. She handled the COVID-19 pandemic and its various curveballs without skipping a beat. Importantly for me, she hears you – emphasis on “hears.” There was never a moment where I felt that she was ignoring or downplaying my concerns. She never trivialized a question or problem and never judged our decisions on how to handle various matters during our pregnancy. If it was important to me, it was important to her. Her responsiveness is beyond measure – which was hugely important to me, and I never felt like a burden or just a “client.” Leading up to our delivery, our chosen hospital refused to allow her into the delivery, and not having her there was an absolute “no-go” for me. I would not consider delivering without her. She worked diligently with us to explore alternate options, write letters, look at different hospitals and the like until we were able to reach a satisfactory conclusion. During the delivery, though I was in a fog most of the time, I was aware enough to feel her presence – a very calm and in control presence that protected our space and guided two very shell shocked new parents through questions we had no idea how to answer, and the novelty of the entire experience. She was encouraging and thoughtful without being “too much” or “too little.” She understood when to be firm and when to be gentle – a perfect balance. She moved seamlessly with the midwives and other staff as a cohesive unit but also as a clear, guiding force acting on our behalf. In comparison with the other parents in our NCT class, my husband and I felt we were better prepared and more informed going into the delivery, and I 100% believe that my experience – an uncomplicated birth – was because of her and her guidance both before and during birth. We adore Thando and consider her family, so much so that as we consider moving to a new place, a primary concern for us is how to work Thando into the mix, if we are blessed enough to have another baby! Thando’s excitement about your process and your journey is genuine and palpable and her love for what she does spills over into the relationship and your baby. We cannot recommend Thando enough. You will not regret one moment with her, and your pregnancy and baby will be all the better for it!

Stephanie, Colin, and Teddy 2020

The moment I met Thando I knew I wanted her to be part of my birth. Thando has the most incredibly warm and strong energy that automatically makes you feel empowered and calm.We worked with Thando for my second pregnancy after a traumatic first birth. Thando helped me and my husband through our fears of birth second time round, giving us confidence to believe we could have a safe, gentle and beautiful birth. During the birth Thando provided the perfect balance of supporting me AND supporting my husband. I swear her calming influence had an impact on how my body relaxed into birth this time round and I credit Thando for helping my second baby arrive safely and in complete style! She also gives post natal support face to face and over the phone in the early days. In short, I wish we had met Thando in our first pregnancy and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula who will empower and encourage you to believe in yourself and your birthing body.

Megan and Dave, 2018

We were excited to be expecting our first child, yet also a bit nervous of all the unknowns. We can’t thank you enough for your support, encouragement and guidance. With our families in other countries, your presence and understanding of the process provided us peace of mind. You walked us through each step of the birth and prepared us, so we could know what to expect and how to handle each step. It wouldn’t have been such a positive experience without your involvement. Thank you!

Megan & Michel, 2017

Megan, Mich and I worked together again for the birth of their second baby, another boy, in 2018.

Thando! You are amazing! Thank you so much for all you have done. You made the experience so special for all of us. Martin really appreciated all you have done too. You were an amazing, calming and beautiful influence. I have giggled so much thinking about all the different things that happened. I’ll remember it forever! Thank you with all our hearts!

Ellie and Martin, 2014

Wow! What can we say?….Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times. It has been such a blessing to feel all your beautiful love and support and have had you present at the birth of our daughter. You have been so calm and gentle and kind and your positivity has helped us so much when things have been challenging, helping us to connect with our daughter’s Spirit and to encourage and welcome her into this Earthwalk. It’s such special work that you are doing and it’s so clear to see how much love you are pouring into it and how committed you really are to it. It’s so beautiful and inspiring to see someone really connecting with their inner light and Soul purpose. So thank you one more time. We really are in deep gratitude for all you have gifted us.

Callie and Dan, 2013

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