Pregnant women should not read books about pregnancy and birth. Their time is too precious.
They should, rather, watch the moon and sing to their babies in the wombMichel Odent


I believe that anyone who enters the birthspace could do with preparing themselves prior to labour and my offering to facilitate this is through hypnobirthing for mothers and birth partners. Together we can release the fears and wipe the slate clean from the dominant social conditioning about labour.  The sessions that I offer are a complete antenatal class that will assist you to feel calm and confident during pregnancy, birth and labour. It works!

You will get a better understanding of the physiology of labour and the benefits are that it will help you to feel confident, calm and in control during pregnancy, in labour and postnatally. Many midwives are now requesting that couples inform them when they have attended hypnobirthing courses because of the calm disposition observed during labour. I believe that a woman’s body knows how to give birth. When you trust in this innate ability, let go of resistance and fear and simply allow through breath and relaxation, birth happens more easily.

Here are some birth stories from parents who have used hypnobirthing. As you will see, hypnobirthing cannot promise a “perfect” birth but gives you the tools to have the best possible birth for your particular journey.

It is recommended to start the course as soon as possible after 20 weeks of pregnancy so that you have time to practise the course at home but it’s never too late to learn. Book a course and practise the techniques at home.  It works!

I offer evening and weekend classes and private sessions.

Cost: £350 (private)
Please contact me for availability.

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