My gift to expectant mothers and fathers is to hold and protect the space as a doula and be open to the lessons however the birth unfolds. Research has shown that the benefits of hiring a doula include:

  • shortening first-time labour by an average of 2 hours
  • decreasing the chance of caesarean section by 50%
  • decreasing the need for medication
  • helping fathers’ confidence during pregnancy, labour and postnatally
  • increasing breastfeeding success.

The word ‘doula is the Greek work for ‘slave’ and understandably there is an aversion to this word by Greek people who prefer the word ”paramana’ as it is synonymous with ‘midwife‘. However, the word has caught on and is now widely used and accepted with positive connotations.

Birthkeeper is a term coined by Jeannine Parvati Baker, marrying the terms Earth Keeper (eco-activist and holders of the sacred Earth-based wisdom) and Birth Worker (doula, widwife, antenatal teacher etc), thus meaning a birth activist and keeper of the sacred wisdom of birth. The space that we enter during labour is indeed one of knowing, mystery, grounding, higher connection, vulnerability, power, ending and beginning.

Birth Preparation Workshop

I offer a private 1 day workshop that is tailored to your needs and includes information that is presented in a fun and engaging way. It involves me designing a one-day workshop that is personalised to your particular situation and needs. This can include talking through any previous births, our own birth stories and birth stories that you have heard to help you debrief these experiences and prepare for the birth of your next baby. We will look at the facts and current research. We will also discuss your options such as where you can birth, how to work well with the medical staff, positions for labour, natural and medical pain relief options, the placenta and placenta remedies, preparing yourself and your family for your 4th trimester and anything else that comes up. I will give you resources that will help you and your birth partner feel prepared and you will definitely have some fun and learn something whether this is your first or your fifth birth!


I believe that anyone who enters the birthspace could do with preparing themselves prior to labour and my offering to facilitate this is through hypnobirthing for mothers and fathers. Together we can release the fears and wipe the slate clean from the dominant social conditioning about labour.  The sessions that I offer are a complete antenatal class that will assist you to feel calm and confident during pregnancy, birth and labour. It works!


My services can be tailored your needs so please don’t hesitate to get in contact to have a chat.